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i gotta lion’s mane today


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reasons i never should have (always should have) been introduced to nutella

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and then my friends threw me a surprise party

and then my appartment was made of paper

and then it rained and i could hear it soaking into everything

and then my roommate told me to come to the “punk gourd”

and then i loved everything tremendously


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Today I did yoga TWICE and one time was outside in the beautiful fall-pretending-to-be-summer and the other time I did a headstand ( by myself! without a wall! ) for the first time.

GAH i love being upside down.

Think about it…gravity is always pulling us downward, isn’t it a gift we can give to our bodies to reverse that once in a while??

Also, my kines prof wants me to enroll in dance next semester.  AH ENGLISH MAJOR WUT??

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1. I feel like the main thing I’ve learned this year of college is that it’s okay to not do everything and be the best at everything.  I’m learning how to be an underachiever which sounds terrible, but it’s actually amazing.  I promise.

2. Really stressed about scheduling da play.  I feel like EVERY TIME I’m in a play at school, somehow tech/shows fall at the exact same time as an orchestra concert. Obviously it’s my fault, but I’m so frusssstrated.

3. Still have a paper and two poems to write for tomorrow….eeeeks


which, actually, I usually get really sad and have bad birthdays. So we shall see.

5. My roommate and I are starting insanity wut wut

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ugh so today i was put in this situation where i was supposed to lead a group.  but NO ONE TOLD ME. I had no idea so i didn’t do anything, but was then told afterward that the reason everything was awkward and embarrassing was my fault.

SO. i felt terrible, but now i’m like. if there was nothing i could have done about it, since no one told me, then i shouldn’t dwell on it.

which is hard. 

but i will try.

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Hi yall,

I haven’t had an update on “my prana journey” in a while.

I have found a new love: KINESIOLOGY.  Which is really essential as a yoga teacher, and really magical as a human being.  Our bodies are crazy!  I’m now a proud knower of all bones and bony landmarks of the foot (someone make me a bumper sticker!).  It’s helped me discover things about my body that I never knew: I could go into this but I can sense the impending yawns…I have been able to diagnose my own shin splints, though!

Also, went to an Alexander Technique workshop the other day.  REALLY interesting.  I think that everything can be tied back to yoga in some way, and everything I’m doing is molding me into my future teaching style and current self.


ALSO YAY because October’s the best.

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1. Did a little over an hour of hatha yoga today.  Ugh, it is so interesting to me.  I think I’m definitely more vinyasa/astanga, but I really like hatha.  Although, I am REALLY missing my studio at home.  I’ve come to realize how much I enjoy the philosophy aspect to yoga—need to start studying that on my own.

2. Just generally happy.  Spent a lot of time laying out in the sunny grass, roaming, did a lot of nice reading on theater.

3. Life is good guys!  Even being so sick/not able to hear/speak has been really…interesting?  Interesting is right.  But not so interesting that I hope it lasts for much longer.

4. Read some saying about how the best theater is made with terror.  So true!  But…that terrifies me!  *Excuse my existential theatrical life crisis*

5. Also talked with a professor for like an hour about my life and her life and just poetry problems and love and stuff…ugh the best.  Can the sun just shine forever?  Vitamin D makes life worthwhile.

Also my cheeks are super pink…wut

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So, remember that disclaimer where I was all like “hey guyz i’m not a very regular blogger” well I am currently claiming that disclaimer!

Although to my defense, I have been in the midst of moving to a different state/home/starting school (and all that jazz).

But I am FINALLY getting back into the swing of yoga.  I’m actually taking a yoga course FOR CREDIT that ALSO COUNTS TOWARD MY MAJOR. wutwut!  (And my shin splints have temporarily healed so yay for running).

In other yoga news, also taking a kinesiology class that focuses on alignment and body image, and a sociology of food class and I feel like both of those have definite ties to yoga (and ALSO my transcript yippeeee).

SO over this semester I’ll be really excited to be posting little tid bits from all those classes.

BUT FOR NOW. I practice astanga and vinyasa, but my course here is hatha. Any of you practice hatha yoga?  What do you think of it?

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OBVIOUSLY things are hopping on campus right now.  

Actually they very well may be, but tonight I was content to catch up with some loves and then make chickpea (that I snuck from the caf in coffee cups) chocolate chip cookies (props to @essiesh!).  

Haven’t done much yoga or running or really ANYTHING lately as I’ve been rushing around moving into school.  However, I did manage to visit a farm stand (and play with a 9 week old puppy *awwww*) and a farmers market this morning…which was FABULOUS.

Tomorrow I start working with my freshmen, but I have the morning off so hopefully I’ll have the motivation to get some yoga in. 

I’m excited for the school year to begin, and also loving my apartment.  It’s like an actual home at school, and let me tell you I am a nesting OLYMPIAN.

Apologies for not much yoga/insight, but sometimes life gets to you!

Shanti!  And peaceful moving ins etc, again!

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